Roblox making a game pass

New accounts must wait 30 days before they are able to sell access. Upload a picture for other making to see. You should know, Codes for roblox hair, that buyers expect paid access games to be high quality. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 7. If a number of complaints are received about a game with paid access — for example, if the game is not as advertised, is broken, game otherwise unplayable, the game will be quarantined and Roblox developer given the opportunity pass fix any issues.

Why Should I Sell Access? Once there, select the URL in your web browser which will look something like this:. Once a player buys a game pass, they will naturally expect to get its special ability or bonus when they start playing. Go to your game and check your pass.

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Roblox making a game pass

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Selling access is like an entrance fee for your place or game -- it means that a buyer will have to pay to play your game. The buyer will only be given access to your game, they will not be able to download or copy it.

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Roblox making a game pass

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Roblox making a game pass

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